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If your piano hasn't been tuned in a year, or if it has been moved from house-to-house, or even room-to-room, it's time to have it tuned.

Pianos left out of tune for more than a year between tunings can and will develop mechanical or tuning pin stability problems.

A piano tuning is an important part of the overall upkeep and mainenance of your instrument. It should be done at least once or twice a year. 

Call us to schedule your tuning today!


Can you glue a key top on, or could you replace my old key tops with a new set?

The key cover won't close, what's wrong with it?

We have a couple of notes that just won't stay in tune, can that be fixed?

Can you replace a broken string?

The answer to these questions, and many more like them, is YES!

The general upkeep of a piano is an important process of owning a piano. We make these same types of repairs on a daily basis to insure your piano is operating in top form is our top concern. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Our specialty is the tuning and repair of accoustic pianos. If you need repair work on an electric piano, organ or player piano, we're sorry, but we don't service those instruments.


When you push a key down, does it come right back up, or does it come up slowly?

When you play a key and it plays well the first time, but seems to be blocked or refuses to produce a sound on the second try, this indicates that the mechanical parts of the piano may be in need of repair.

This annoying problem can be repaired in a very timely and affordable fashion. 

Please feel free to contact us to get this repair work taken care of today.


If your piano doesn't play or sound like it used to, or doesn't have the touch and feel of a new piano, then your "action" (the mechanical part of the piano) needs to be rebuilt and/or repaired.

The good news is that this type of piano action rebuilding only costs a fraction of a new piano, but your piano will play and sound just like new. This repair will add many years to the life of your beloved instrument that you may have given up on.

Contact us today and let us evaluate your piano's action to give you a proper diagnosis.


I'd like a dehumidifier unit installed. 

We need a piano cover.

Our piano needs cleaned.

We need a piano bench.

These are just a few of the requests I've heard from customers over the years as we have serviced their instrument.  We carry these piano accessories as a convenience to our customers. Be sure to ask us about them.

The dehumidifier/humidity control unit helps maintain the stability of the tuning so that it will last longer than normal. 

Once you clean the piano, you'll need a piano cover.

We sell and help install these piano accessories.


Does your piano sound "tinny"?

Are your hammers worn? Do they have string grooves worn into the hammer felt?

Does your piano sound different today than years ago?

Piano hammer repair is an affordable way to restore that beautful sound and touch back to your piano. After all, your piano is an investment that needs upkeep, just like your furnace or your car.

Please contact us today to get this important repair completed. 

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